About Me

I’m a journalist, writer, community organizer, design researcher and product manager. I’m fascinated by how we treat each other on the Internet, how to build more thoughtful journalism for the future, and how to increase diversity and representation within the media. I’ve published academic papers and journalistic articles, led global workshops and convened thought leaders around these issues.

I’m passionate about finding interdisciplinary and community-driven solutions to large journalistic problems. Driven by this interdisciplinary perspective, I’ve worked in editorial and technology roles within mainstream global news organizations, as well as worked with nonprofits to strengthen the journalistic ecosystem.

In 2016, I got my Master’s from MIT, where I studied online moderation and community management work among journalists and non-journalists (think: mods at reddit and MetaFilter), with a special focus on how moderators of minority identities coped with online abuse. I studied newsroom culture and best practices in online community building. I interviewed dozens of moderators and commenters from diverse news organizations and online platforms, and worked with my adviser Matt Carroll to organize the #BeyondComments conversation at the MIT Media Lab in February 2016. I’ve also spoken about my research at academic and trade events, and led skills-building sessions for college journalists.

Before I was an academic, I covered science and technology for publications all over the world. From 2009-2014, I lived in New Delhi, where I built a digital content property for a large TV channel, covered national science policy for a major English-language newspaper, and started an interdisciplinary community group (Hacks/Hackers New Delhi) devoted to brainstorming better ways to marry journalism and technology. I have deep international experience, which translates into an awareness of and an interest in how media span countries and languages. I grew up near Washington DC, and got my Bachelor’s in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School.

I’m also interested in how media companies make design decisions. I’ve led classes and workshops in Design thinking through the MIT Design Lab, and conducted global design research projects in partnership with interdisciplinary teams. I’m an organizer, an ideator and a researcher. I’ve presented (or been accepted to present) at academic and industry events about topics as diverse as design, global journalism, and 19th century British love letters.

Want more?

Check out the links in the sidebar for links to some of my projects. Please contact me for information about how to get me to speak at your event.

Graphics by the fantastic Trisha Gupta, of the Washington Printmakers’ Gallery.

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