Selected Writing

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Media Industry

  • Got comments on your website? Great. Here’s how to support your moderators. Read.
  • How media companies are creating new tools for collaborative journalism. Read.
  • Using digital games to create more engaging journalism. Read.
  • What I Learned from “Beyond Comments.” Read.
  • How the worlds of design and journalism collide at the New York Times. Read.
  • Hacking the Future of Publishing. Read.


  • “Bringing Collaborative Journalism to the Issue of International Migration: An Interview About the 19 Million Hackathon.” Media Fields Journal, Issue 12: Media and Migration. Read.
  • “Towards a Better Inclusivity: Online Comments and Community at News Organizations.” Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master’s Thesis, 2016. Read.

Business & Globalization

Science, technology, entrepreneurship and economy features.

  • Life in the Margins: Asian American workers’ experience the H1-B visa. Read story.
  • Remembering Mr. Wizard – TV’s first Science Guy. Read story.
  • How a gene sequencer saved chocolate. Read story.
  • The BRICs – or at the idea of the BRICs – may be losing favor among some investors, as recent data suggest slowing growth rates may be the new normal.  Read story.
  • A Bangalore-based doctor has a scheme to make India the first country to “dissociate health care from affluence.”  So why aren’t Indian hospitals buying in?  Read story.
  • A technology pilot in UP uses cell phone technology to plug the gaps in India’s Mid Day Meals Scheme – the largest school lunch program in the world.  Read story.
  • Three engineers want to deliver radio programs for the poor and make money in the process.  Read story.
  • Today’s semiconductors can send men to the moon and pilot missiles, and many of them were developed here in India.  Read story.
  • Cloud computing firm Nivio plans to be the next Apple.  Read story.
  • India’s first firm to run cars entirely on biodiesel.  Read story.
  • Poor government policy could cause a dairy shortage in Delhi.  Read story.
  • Five million poor Indians work in the unauthorized garbage processing industry.  Read story.  Customs officers fail to spot dangerous waste when it arrives at ports.  Read story.

News Breaks

Exclusive spot news

  • A new report says Indian scientists are the most fraudulent in the world.  Read story.
  • Five Indian firms are under investigation by the United Nations for possible irregularities in carbon credit trading.  Read story.
  • Indian regulators to adopt a regulation that all new nuclear power plans built in the country must be able to withstand a terrorist attack.  Read story.
  • US nuclear firm Westinghouse plans to open an office in India, ahead of Parliament’s approval of a nuclear liability bill.  Read story.
  • Indian scientists unravel the deadly TB bacterium.  Read story.
  • Scientific funding should be free from bureaucratic hassle.  Read story.
  • Indian cities to get radiation sensors after deadly leak.  Read story.
  • Prominent Indian-American scientist says he was penalized by officials for blowing the whistle on Indian government inefficiency.  Read story.
  • Regulatory board to oversee new nanotechnology products.  Read story.

Travel & Arts

Articles and essays.

  • “Hindi, My Mother Tongue.” Navigating language and belonging in New Delhi. Essay.
  • Small kindness: the horrors of the Delhi gang rape, and what we did after. Read essay.
  • At the Smithsonian’s first Asian-American lit fest, writers share falooda, politics and poetry. Read article.
  • Art made from the most unconventional materials. Read story.
  • Every year millions of pilgrims come to Varanasi, considered to be India’s best city to die in. Read  story.
  • A long-ago volcanic explosion could help scientists unravel the future of climate change.  Read story.
  • Genetic evidence suggests a common origin for Indian tribals and Australian aborigines.  Read story.
  • One woman’s journey to save child slaves.  A review of Cambodian activist Somaly Mam’s memoir.  Read story.
  • There’s no place like India’s Jaisalmer Fort.  Unfortunately, climate change and catastrophe are eroding its foundations.  Read story.
  • English is ready to add its one millionth word.  But who decides what’s in a word? Read story.
  • For the past several months, a breed of venomous lionfish has invaded most of the Atlantic Ocean.  Fishermen, activists and cooks fight back.  Read story.

Opinion & Reviews

  • Why Joel Stein’s glib TIME column about Indian-Americans is an insult to us all.  Read column.
  • Fairy tales for monsters. L. Annette Binder’s debut collection of short stories, Rise. The Iowa Review. Read review.
  •  The road well-traveled. Adam Prince’s short story collection The Beautiful Wishes of Ugly Men. Shenandoah. Read review.
  • Love, sex and magical realism.  Hector Abad’s Recipes for Sad Women is sweet, sad and satisfying.  Read review.
  • Frank Kafka’s love life was as eventful and bizarre as his fiction, according to a new biography.  Read review.
  • Pico Iyer, global souls and the search for a language of belonging, from the 2013 Jaipur Literature Festival.  A guest post for the Iowa Review blog.

Graphics by Trisha Gupta, of the Washington Printmakers’ Gallery.

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