Anika Gupta is a graduate student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, where she studies commenting and moderating on online news sites. Before that, she worked as a digital product manager and a science/tech journalist for organizations all over the world. She is a community organizer, a lifelong blogger, and has extensive experience in international newsrooms.

Most recently, she worked in New Delhi, India, as the Product Manager for Citizen Journalist Digital at the TV station CNN-IBN. She headed a team that developed new products, relationships and paradigms for citizen storytelling.  Her team’s goal was to bridge the gap between social media and mainstream media through the innovative use of digital, mobile, local language and social media.  She led the development and implementation of online verification procedures for user-generated content, and built partnerships with activist organizations and citizen journalism groups in India and around the world.

She writes about international business, politics, science, technology, literature and travel.  Her articles have appeared in India and the United States, including in Fortune magazine, Business Today magazine, the Hindustan Times newspaper and Smithsonian magazine (for a full list of articles, see “Articles” tab).   In October 2012, she founded Hacks/Hackers New Delhi, a grassroots networking and collaboration group that brings together journalists, statisticians, analysts, developers, entrepreneurs and activists to share knowledge around topics related to technology in storytelling.

For two years, she led digital strategy development and  newsroom integration at Business Today, where she worked with a team of more than 70 national business reporters to build new storytelling technology into daily reporting practice, updating the magazine’s coverage of company results announcements, the Indian budget, economic data and more.  She conceived and coordinated multimedia and social media initiatives across the “Business Today” team, and worked with radio, TV and advertising divisions to expand the brand’s reach and revenue.  She led training sessions for reporters and editors in Twitter, blogger, Facebook and other social media tools. (For more about newsroom integration, see the “Digital” tab.)

Her passions include data-driven journalism and mobile innovation, as well as open data and the impact of technology on society.

Gupta was the science and technology correspondent for the “Hindustan Times” from mid-2009 through the end of 2010.  While there, she developed the beat and regularly broke news on a variety of topics, including nuclear energy policy, carbon-neutral growth and technology regulation.   She contributed to several special projects, chronicling the efforts of micro-health insurers to reach out to India’s poor and attempts by big companies to engage in disruptive R&D.  Her stories frequently appeared on the front page, and she was one of the first reporters to script and produce multimedia packages for her special stories.

An economics and journalism graduate from Northwestern University, she was born in Chicago and grew up outside Washington DC.  She’s lived in New Delhi, India, since 2009.   In 2012, she received the Donald T. Sheehan Scholarship to attend the Wharton Seminar for Business Journalists at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  The Seminar is an intensive week-long series of classes in corporate accounting, global economy and financial statement analysis, taught by Wharton faculty for journalists.

While in India, she served on the executive team of Whypoll, a nonprofit that used technology and new media to bridge the gap between citizens and their elected representatives.  She often advised international companies and investors on the Indian digital media landscape.

Graphics by Trisha Gupta, of the Washington Printmakers’ Gallery.

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